Boston Classical reviews "Emergence"

Great review in Boston Classical for our Emergence: A Haverhill Story performance on May 30!

“As Hannah’s husband, Thomas Duston, Brian Church was a stalwart vocal presence, his baritone bringing an element of authority to the role. Stephanie Lamprea’s bright, ringing soprano made Hannah Duston’s terror and anger felt as much as heard. Lamprea’s heartfelt singing in the sorrowful passages momentarily transformed Duston into a sympathetic figure.

Aliana de la Guardia brought a dark, rich tone to the brief role of Mary Neff, a woman who was captured along with Duston and who helped in the escape. The role of Cotton Mather was mostly a spoken one, and Matthew DiBattista delivered his lines with a preacher’s bold conviction.

Playing without a conductor, the chamber ensemble wove an accompaniment that was both sensitive and energetic. Though only a glimpse into McLoskey’s opera, Thursday’s performance made a strong case for a work that will be heard in full next season.”

Photo by Lindsay Paris.

Photo by Lindsay Paris.

Amy Advocat