Rumpelstiltskin Opens with Free Dress Rehearsal!

As part of our mission to engage new audiences, we made Rumpelstiltskin available for FREE in our open dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 14. Attendees were treated to a run of the full show with a reception afterwards where we all discussed the opera. It was great to see so many new faces! We did a survey of the crowd and many people who had never been to an opera before were at our performance! Here are some highlights from the survey:

'“It was my first time to attend an opera. I loved the performance, the design, directing, the story, atmosphere, hospitality, everything.”

“I loved the music, the singing, and the shadow puppetry. They were all very sensitively executed, and Marti's score is GORGEOUS!!”

Photo Credit: Charline Lake

Photo Credit: Charline Lake

Thank you all for taking a chance on opera, and live performance by coming to see our production of Rumpelstiltskin. Welcome to the Guerilla Opera family!

Amy Advocat