Music & Libretto by Andy Vores

Directed by Nick O’Leary

chronon - tea.jpg

World Premiere - November 3, 2017 by Guerilla Opera

“Thanks to the enterprising Guerilla Opera for commissioning a terrific new opera by Andy Vores, “Chrononhotonthologos,” a deliciously inventive musical version of an 18th century political farce by Henry Carey, which ends with Vores’ beautiful and stirring setting of Matthew Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach’ … musically it was a knockout.” (WBUR)



Chrononhotonthologos is a world premiere opera commissioned by Guerilla Opera. The libretto is based on the absurdist, satirical play by Henry Carey from 1734. An example of English nonsense verse, it uses nonsense words as substitutes to perhaps mock public figures of its era as well as the high theater from which it takes its form. It parodies the high-blown style of revenge tragedies and operatic libretti, while attacking the amorality and depravity of the rich, privileged, and powerful. It is sung in English and will be approximately 75 minutes in duration.

This opera marks the second collaboration between Guerilla Opera and composer Andy Vores, following his operatic adaptation of Jean Paul Sartre’s “No Exit,” the second work Guerilla Opera premiered. “No Exit” is the most performed work from our cannon having received fully staged productions by both Florida Grand Opera and Chicago Opera Vanguard.

Guerilla Opera has always been interested in ongoing collaborations—developing multiple operas by one composer with the understanding that these long term associations result in a shared musical and theatrical language. Andy Vores has been a part of Guerilla Opera from its inception. He is an exceptional composer with a truly rare musical wit as well as an innate gift for the lyric theater.


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Andy Vores was born Wales and raised in England. He studied at Lancaster University with Edward Cowie. From 1982 working as Composer-in-Residence at The City University, London. In 1986 he was a Fellow in Composition at Tanglewood. He has lived in Boston since 1990. From 1999 to 2001 he was Composer-in-Residence to the BankBoston Celebrity Series, and 2002 to 2005 Composer-in-Residence to the New England Philharmonic. From 2001 until 2016 he taught at The Boston Conservatory where he was Chair of Composition, Theory, and Music History. 

Commissions include Freshwater (The Boston University Opera Institute), Wetherby Nocturne for Kathleen Supové (The Barlow Endowment), Quartet No.3 for The Borromeo String Quartet (Chamber Music America), World Wheel for The Cantata Singers, Umberhulk for Boston Musica Viva, and Uncertainty Is Beautiful for the Boston Modern Orchestra Project. Awards include a Koussevitsky Fellowship, the Kucyna International Composition Competition, the Scottish National Orchestra Ian Whyte Award, the Tanglewood Prize for Composition, the Omaha Symphony Guild New Music Contest, and the Huddersfield Festival.